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Bascom Hill big, Bascom Hill bad

Small people have walk to class when sun come up. Sun shine light on Bascom Hill that small people have climb. Bascom Hill big, Bascom Hill bad.

Bascom Hill make small people feet burn. Hill make chest hurt and mouth dry. Everyday small people walk up hill. Everyday Hill take breath from small people.

Bascom Hill stand in way of small people buildings and books. Small people need books and teach, but small people must suffer because Hill.

Small people try praying to Hill, make Hill smaller. Hill not smaller, Hill still big. Small people try give food to big Hill. Big Hill no want food. Small people offer blood to Bascom Hill. Bascom Hill no want blood. Bascom Hill only want breath of small people. Bascom Hill use breath to get bigger.

Small people try to kill big bad Bascom Hill. Pop bad hill, get breath back. Bascom Hill not die. Small people attack and fight, but only lose more breath to Hill. Hill always take breath.

Everyday small people hope Bascom Hill get smaller. Everyday small people pray Bascom Hill go away. But everyday, Bascom Hill take more breath of small people.

Bascom Hill big. Bascom Hill bad.


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