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Classmate a Little Too Generous With Emojis

With online classes becoming the new normal, everyone is getting used to the online lecture platform, BBCollaborate Ultra. However, sophomore Kate Brockart knew she was facing an uphill battle when her classmate, Aaron, started sending a bit too many emojis for her taste.

“I mean, the professor will say ‘good morning, everyone,’ and Aaron sends a waving emoji? No one else even says hi, and he thinks it’s appropriate to send a visual?” said Brockart. “God, one time he sent a crying laughing emoji when the professor forgot to go forward in the slideshow, and I almost had to exit the lecture to deal with my second-hand embarrassment.”

Other students in the class have reported similar events, saying they felt that Aaron was purposely playing a “sick joke” on the rest of them. Most notably, the professor came forward to voice their opinion on the matter.

“Listen, I think the chat function is great for asking questions and getting a group consensus. But honestly, I’m damn near ready to turn that function off because of Aaron’s toddler-like behavior,” said Professor Ziegler. “My cat walked through the back of my screen during lecture, and Aaron sent upwards of 40 cat emojis. A person with a PhD shouldn’t have to stop teaching to look at an emoji of a cat with a devious grin.”

Professor Ziegler declined to address whether or not this would affect Aaron’s course grade.


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