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Freshmen roommates agree its cool to bring girls over, as if that would ever happen

After meticulously lofting their beds to make room for their gaming systems, freshmen dorm mates Mike Petrov and Andrew Mclaren turned in their roommate agreement to their RA. They signed off on being ok with each other bringing girls over, but they both know in the back of their heads that it’s a pipe dream.

“Yeah, I’m a sex positive guy,” Mike said. “I’m absolutely positive it exists. No doubt in my mind it’s out there somewhere.”

“I mean, I don’t know if it’ll happen every weekend,” Andrew said. “But I have a feeling this lofted bunk bed is going to be the home of a lot of wild lovemaking.”

Upon seeing the roommate agreement, their RA scoffed and put it in a pile with the agreements of all the other naive boys.

The boys both downloaded tinder this week, and excitedly announce to each other when they finally get another match. So far girls have rejected their advances by being “super tired”, “studying”, and “full of self respect”, but Andrew and Mike adorably still have hope.

As a precaution, Andrew has already memorized Mike’s schedule so that he knows when he’s safe to jerk off.


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