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Future Badgers Share Nice, Laid-Back Laugh

Over the weekend high schoolers from Baraboo High School had a nice, innocent laugh when they reportedly acted like a bunch of silly young men and made a cute mass Nazi salute.

In recent years, approximately 80% of Baraboo High School students applied to UW-Madison. Because of UW-Madison’s policy of having an in state acceptance rate of 56.7%, it is more than likely that many of the boys seen in the photo will be Badgers by the Fall of 2020.

“I’m very excited to think that just a few short years these boys and the jokes they consider okay are going to be the heart of UW-Madison,” said a spokesperson for UW-Madison Admissions. “I can’t wait to read their essays about the brotherhood they feel with one another. Just look at how big they’re able to smile while thinking about the atrocity that killed 6 million jews! That’s the kind of positive energy we need to heal today’s toxic political landscape.”

According to reports, one high schooler captioned the photo on social media with ‘We even got the black guy to do it’. Sources say that UW-Madison admissions has taken note of that particular student ‘remembering to fight for inclusivity of everyone, even when making a Nazi salute.’

Unfortunately, statistics show that at least 2 boys in the photo will attend Edgewood for a year before transferring to UW-Madison.


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