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Judge sentences Alec Cook’s victims with lifelong lack of closure

Following a long and arduous court process, a sentencing has been made in the Alec Cook case. Two years after Alec Cook’s 2016 sex crimes, Judge Stephen Ehlke sentenced Cook’s five victims to a lifetime of absolutely no closure.

“On the five counts of aggravated assault, I have chosen to sentence Alec Cook to three years in prison,” Ehlke said. “On the five counts of being aggravatedly assaulted, I hereby sentence these women to no sense of peace, as well as a lifetime of endless disdain for the justice system.”

On multiple occasions, Ehlke reiterated that his ruling does in no way condone Cook’s actions. “I agree that Cook’s actions were criminal and disgusting,” Ehlke said. “However, Cook’s horrendous actions in no way provide legal precedent for the court to allow these women to lead comfortable, fulfilling lives.”

In addition to the three years Cook will serve in prison, he was sentenced to eight years probation. Cook’s lawyers have criticized this, saying that “nobody should have to spend a whole eight years looking over their shoulder.”


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