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"Landlords Are Mortal and Can Bleed" and 8 Other Fun Landlord Facts

In the chaos of day-to-day life, it’s easy for people to slip through the cracks of your memory. However, in a time where human connection is increasingly important (and missing in our routine) it’s important to not forget that oh-so-special subset of people: landlords. The people that refuse to fix appliances, raise your rent during a pandemic, and hoard a resource essential to your survival are often the same people that we know remarkably little about. Not anymore! Here are 10 interesting facts about that special landlord in your life.

  1. Landlords are mortal and can bleed: Behind their almost superhuman exterior, believe it or not, landlords are mortal and can bleed just like you and I! The machetes, guillotines, or hammers that can harm you can also harm your landlord, so be mindful of any dangerous objects in your home when they stop by.

  2. Your landlord has an address: Beyond the multiple homes that they lord over, your landlord has a home of his own! After a day of extracting labor value from workers, your landlord returns to their home and, like many Americans, probably leaves at least 1 window unlocked.

  3. There aren’t that many of them: Surprisingly, there aren’t actually that many landlords in any given city. Thanks to consolidated housing companies, there are much fewer landlords than renters. For a sense of scale, you and your neighbors probably outnumber your landlord 10 to 1!

  4. They have fears: whether it’s spiders or the dark, there are things that your landlord is afraid of! They probably have these fears written down somewhere, get to know your landlord’s fears to get to know them better as a person.

  5. Your landlord drives a car: Whether it’s a Chrysler, Buick, or Ford, the car your landlord purchased by destroying the housing market in your city works like any other car. In fact, just a cup of water in a fuel tank could cripple the engine, so be careful with water around your landlord’s car!

  6. Your landlord needs your rent: Chances are, your landlord has taken quite a few mortgages to attempt to become a feudal lord. As such, they really need your rent to prevent their own financial ruin. If you and your fellow tenants stopped paying rent all together, your landlord would probably have to listen to whatever you had to say!

  7. Your landlord’s job is ownership: Imagine owning the supply of water or oxygen for your city and charging people to use these things they need to live. That’s exactly what your landlord does, so you can imagine how tough of a job they have.

  8. Landlords love politics: your landlord probably loves politics! Find out who he votes for regularly and what politicians support him and other landlords. He also only gets one vote in an election, so find out how he casts it so you can make your own political choices; Landlords love it when their tenants are politically active and engaged in democracy.

  9. Your landlord can’t run forever: The world record for longest time running continuously is 80 hours, so unless your landlord is an elite athlete, he can’t run forever. We’re all working on our fitness goals, so don’t be too critical, just know that your landlord is limited by the same physical body that you are. Maybe you can run even faster than him!


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