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Madison Misnomer Demands Recount of Instagram Followers

Top Madison Misnomer officials have recently made their intentions clear in demanding a recount of their Instagram followers.

One official, who asked to remain anonymous, said that they believe there to be a mistake with the Instagram follower count. “This is total bullshit. There is no possible way that the Daily Cardinal has more followers than us. And the fucking Wisconsin Hoofers? Get out of here with that shit.”

The satire publication, which currently has 1,070 followers on Instagram, claims that they should have at least 2 to 3 times that number.

“If you count the LEGAL followers, we easily have the most followers of any institution in the greater Madison area,” says the Misnomer official. “It has to be bots. I bet that those dopes at the student radio WSUM are paying off foreign entities to beef up their numbers. I’ve checked the budget reports, that shit doesn't add up.”

An Instagram representative commented that, “Honestly, they’re just not that funny.”

The Misnomer official ended their diatribe with a call to action. “If you believe in justice, follow the Madison Misnomer on Instagram. Please. We’re desperate. We even follow back! Please!”


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