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Man with clever, politically relevant costume way too smug about it

Halloween has arrived, and Kyle Johnson, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is way too smug about his politically relevant costume this year. Johnson was spotted at Michelangelo’s Coffee House yesterday making a #BlackLivesMatter sign to carry for the topical, statement-making costume he plans on wearing this weekend.

“I’m going as a woke person,” Johnson explained, sipping on his dark roast Arabica blend coffee. “I’ll have the sign, of course, but don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the women. I have this great shirt–it says ‘This is what a feminist looks like,’ and it has a uterus on it. I can’t wait to put the look all together.”

Johnson’s roommate, Paul Williams, had a different take on the costume. “I think he’s just trying to make up for the fact he dressed up as Squanto last year.” After being called out at the first party they went to, Williams said his roommate asked if they could stop back at the apartment, where he promptly changed into a striped Waldo shirt and jeans.

When asked about the costume in question, Johnson explained with a scoff, “I was dressed as cultural appropriation. It was ironic. A lot of people didn’t get it though, so I switched costumes. I guess I was making people think too much.”

Last year, Johnson spent 45 minutes trying to explain racism to Tanya King, an Afro-American Studies major at the University. “Yeah, I just kind of let him talk while I drank,” King said. “Seemed like he really needed the validation.” According to King, Johnson frequently paused to make sure she understood what intersectionality meant. “And then he asked what my costume was supposed to symbolize. I was just Tina Belcher.”

When asked why he doesn’t just dress up as a character instead, Johnson chuckled, running a hand through his unwashed bangs. “I don’t really do that pop culture stuff,” he said, pushing up his beanie. “I’d rather use this opportunity to inform and educate.”


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