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Mountain Dew Releases “Dewth Bader Ginsberry”: A Flavorful Homage to the Late Justice

PepsiCo’s iconic Mountain Dew brand is paying respects to the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a new flavor this November. The new flavor, Dewth Bader Ginsberry is expected to hit shelves early next month. The soda giant is promoting the new Blue-Raspberry drink with the tagline “Dewth Bader Ginsberry: deliver justice to your tastebuds.”

With regards to the taste, Mountain Dew proclaimed that “your friends will come to a unanimous decision: that new dew flavor rocks” in a statement made this past Wednesday.

When asked why the company often associated with extreme sports athletes is now using the image of the late justice, the company said that diversifying its own image is important, especially as the public becomes more active in the political sphere. The brand hopes to reach out to progressives who would otherwise purchase a healthier alternative.

A conservative special interest group expressed concern over the depiction of Ginsburg. “Mountain Dew is one of the few purely conservative institutions we can count on, in light of the pope’s recent endorsement of gay marriage”. Said Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society over the weekend.

A woman who will be remembered for integral rulings such as Shelby County vs Holder in 2013, the celebrated justice will make history one more time this November. Ginsburg’s appearance will also be the first partnership for a former member of the US Court of Appeals District of Columbia with either PepsiCo or the Coca-Cola Company. Although the Coca-Cola Company expressed interest in a partnership with Antonin Scalia in 1984, the collaboration never came to fruition.

For a large part of the country, the loss of a moral giant is met with profound sorrow and need to mourn. Hopefully, “Dewth Bader Ginsberry” will provide much needed relief and refreshment to those in need.


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