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Nation's Eggs Speak Out Against Unrealistic Beauty Standards

With Easter right around the corner, and America’s tradition of egg-dyeing still going strong, eggs have ramped up their protests of the unrealistic beauty standards that they are held to in our society. Recently, posters have popped up in the fridges of grocery stores with messages saying “every egg is beautiful”, “real men like natural eggs”, and “Be proud of your shell.”

With the movement’s large number of critics, sometimes the gravity of these standards is best understood by comparison to other animal products. According to the leader of the movement, Eggsy Eggerton, Americans spend almost $20 a year decorating their eggs. That’s compared the $0 that is spent decorating their milk. Eggerton believes this is because nobody says milk has to be conventionally beautiful in order to have worth.

“It’s Big Dye,” said Eggerton. “Egg dye is a $10,000 industry. Big Dye wants you to be insecure. They want you to believe that there is something wrong with your natural egg because that’s how they make money off of you.”

Eggerton has no plan to stop soon, and with the movement’s growing number of supporters, it seems that in the near future, society will learn to judge an egg by its character rather than its shell.

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