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NRA cuts all ties with NRA

In the wake of the February’s Parkland High School shooting, organizations have been under pressure to cease all relations with the NRA. So far Delta, Dick’s, and Hertz have cut all ties with the NRA. On Friday, the NRA followed suit and separated themselves completely from the NRA.

“The NRA can no longer continue to support the heinous agenda of the NRA,” said NRA representative Dana Loesch. “The NRA is going to have to get by without the support of the NRA”

Per the separation, the NRA is no longer going to offer the following services for NRA members: NRA memberships, NRA merchandise, and access to NRA events. However, the NRA will continue supporting politicians funded by the NRA.

“The NRA is supporting horrific shooters in taking away children’s lives, thereby taking away their ability to own a gun,” said Loesch. “Because of this, the NRA will no longer be accepting any money from the NRA.”

In addition to condemning the NRA, the NRA has thrown their support behind survivors of the Parkland shooting, offering free NRA memberships to any attendee of the March For Our Lives.


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