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Op-Ed: All We Talk About Anymore is This Pandemic, Can’t We Go Back to Talking About Me?

I’ll admit it: this COVID-19 situation is getting pretty sticky. Everyone’s scared and uncertain of how this virus will affect them and their loved ones. But constantly talking and reading about the virus won’t make it go away--in fact, it will most certainly heighten paranoia and stress. It’s okay to take some time to clear your mind and forget your troubles by talking about something else: Me!

During crazy times like these, it’s important to go about your daily life as much as possible, and I miss people talking about the TV shows I’ve been bingeing, or my trip to Europe, or how I’m actually a really good dancer. I just don’t think that this pandemic needs to take up so much space in our hearts and minds, you know? That would be letting the virus win. No, instead we should talk about this wild dream I had last night, you were in it, and so was my dad, and we were at my house, but it didn’t look like my house, but somehow I knew it was my house, you know? And I had to give a presentation that I hadn’t prepared for, like, at all and I was so embarrassed. What do you think that means about me?

Ok, I'm a total ENFJ, so I have a gift for fixing people’s personal problems. My emotional intelligence is really high. I’m actually thinking of starting a new Mensa, but for people who have high EQs like I do. Anyways, here are a couple of helpful tips I came up with for coping with the overwhelming flood of coronavirus news that’s making you so stressed: 

  1. Social media is basically all terrifying news and coronavirus jokes now, so I’d encourage you to unfollow those accounts and just follow me. I post pictures of me holding up Playbills in front of a stage so you know what plays I’ve been to, and sometimes I post what I’m listening to on Spotify to my story so you know what songs are good songs.

  2. Even when you’re not on the internet or talking to someone else, those anxious thoughts can still come creeping in. When this happens, take a few minutes to think about a funny joke that I told one time or about what percent Irish I am. 

The sooner we get back to living our normal lives, the better. Let’s leave the stress behind and just talk like we used to, about me. Oh, I’m feeling better already, aren’t you? I can’t wait to tell you what I got on all my high school AP exams.


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