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Renaissance Fair Offers Realistic Plague Experience

Pillsbury Renaissance fair is pushing the envelope for what to expect of historical entertainment. You’ve seen fairs with real swords, real horses, and real annoying kids you would like to burn at the stake. Now, for the first time ever in the southern half of Dane county, Pillsbury is offering a genuine medieval plague experience! 

If fake bloodshed, meat dripping with fat, and subliminal sexism isn’t enough for you, you can now enjoy the ups and downs of watching your loved ones waste away due to a terrible disease. Experience the best kind of pandemic: the kind you don’t understand and have no hope of stopping. 

For the low price of $29 per ticket; you can watch plague doctors remove bodies, dig mass graves on an empty stomach, and fall on your knees to beg an unforgiving god for mercy. You can only do it in groups of 2 or less, but after 2 weeks that's all that will be left.

Customers give it a 4 horseman rating, with reviews from patrons like John Claymore saying “That was hands down the single scariest thing I have ever experienced. I’m so glad America is much better prepared to deal with pandemics in this day and age. Could you imagine the whole world being shut down by a virus?”    


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