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Report: Car Drives Through East Campus Mall For Some Reason

At approximately 2:23pm on Saturday, a 2004 Toyota Corolla made a left from West Johnson Street onto East Campus Mall, interrupting foot traffic and causing mild confusion to passerby.

“It’s not really a street, but I guess this sort of thing is fine?” said Sophomore Aidy Murkle.

“There are ramps for cars to come on, but the pavement is supposed to be for foot traffic so I don’t really know what this guy was trying to do,” said Senior Andrew Bergman. “If he was trying to get on University Avenue he just could’ve made a left turn and done it on a road but he seemed like he knew what he was doing.”

UWPD put out a press release about the incident at 3:00pm, claiming that they are in the middle of an ongoing investigation to determine whether or not something should be done about this.


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