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Returning Witte Resident Not Sure if Marie Kondo Prepared Her For This

Over winter break, Freshman Anna Karrakoff became a fan of Netflix’s new home cleanliness show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Kararkaroff reportedly took time off from school to develop a fantasy of how she would keep her Witte dorm room clutter free, only to have that fantasy challenged when she saw the true extent of the mess she left.

“I found filth you wouldn’t believe, underneath grime that God shouldn’t have let be there in the first place,” said Karrakoff. “I thought it’d be more like re-organizing laundry and cabinets, but it’s much more raw and intimate than that. It’s more like re-organizing all of my fears and failures into a drawer not suited to fit all of them.”

While the extremity of the mess is still unknown to the public, Karraroff claims to have photographed it and sent it to Marie Kondo herself. Following the interaction, Netflix executives and loved ones have been expressing concern at their inability to get in touch with Kondo.

Karkaroff's roommate reportedly did not watch the show, and is merely waiting for Karkaroff to stop being so uptight about their room.


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