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Rheta's introduces fresh urine to fall drink line-up

As autumn begins to roll around, the UW campus starts making some big changes! Rheta’s Dining Hall followed this trend by sneaking fresh urine into their menu.

“Honestly, when I first read it on the menu, I wasn’t too keen on the whole idea, but I’m really starting to warm up to it,” says one Chadbourne resident. “I’ve tried all of the other drinks offered at the drink station, and this may be the best one I’ve tried yet!”

The dining hall first introduced the idea when all of the buzz for the Pumpkin Spice Latte started back up. Management began to roll out the plan by asking if student employees would be willing to piss for money. When the ecstatic teens responded with a resounding yes, the team brought the idea to life.

We asked one of the students what they thought about the new drink, and so far the reviews are only positive.

“I try really hard to not to be a basic bitch like everyone says, so I never get Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Now we have an exclusive fall drink all to ourselves! And plus, we never have to worry about the price because we can just make it ourselves!”


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