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Rich asshole has ice dispenser on fridge

“It’s just more efficient” Said Mark Dultra, the king residing in the off-beige house on the corner. His majesty enjoys all of his beverages chilled thanks to the ice and water dispenser on his fridge door.

“I mean, it’s cold, it works.” taunts Dultra, demonstrating his power to choose between both cubed and crushed ice. Dultra often enjoys quenching his thirst while attending to his elite responsibilities of responding to work emails and planning the next backyard bar-b-que.

When he’s not caring for such noble affairs, His Grace spends his leisure at his personal, driveway basketball hoop, bought to obtain the favor of his two young princes. Often times His Worship offers a gracious hand to the neighborhood peasants, inviting them to relish in his luxurious above ground pool.

His Highness is known to bestow benevolent offerings to the local fundraisers, and often plans family movie nights with the other Lords and Ladies of the cul de sac.

“I guess it’s nice that I don’t need to use ice cube trays anymore”, once more his kingly, ice-on-command privileges. The peons who don’t possess such divine privilege are destined to gaze in awe as His Excellence commands an infinite stream of ice at his fingertips before returning to their own pitiful, room-temperature lives.


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