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Sellery Residents start to ‘get it’.

Students Andrew Fink and Wanda Riker moved into Sellery hall two weeks ago after hearing a multitude of stories about Sellery from peers, and reports are coming in that the pair finally ‘gets it’.

“At first I was like: no way is Sellery going to be like that,” said Fink. “But wow, was I surprised to see the true Sellery! I sure understand what everyone was talking about for so long.”

“It took me a few nights to realize what Sellery is all about,” said Riker. “After this last weekend, you can be damn sure I know what people mean when they refer to Sellery as if it has a reputation or stereotype to it.”

When asked, both Fink and Riker expressed extreme excitement to know what people mean when they say “oh” upon learning they live in Sellery.


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