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Snackbot Delivering to Lecture Stays Because Subject is Interesting

Earlier this week, students at UW-Madison reported seeing one of the adorable food delivery robots joining them not only on their trek up Bascom Hill but also in the classroom. These robots, lovingly nicknamed “Snackbots”, deliver hot meals and beverages all across campus, including lecture halls, storing the food in their robot womb. 

Last Thursday, Snackbot 101-N-3-RD made such a trip to an Anthro 108 lecture in Social Sciences to deliver a single slice of dining hall pizza to a student in the 3rd row who, sources tell us, has no shame. While making a seamless dropoff to the student, Snackbot 101-N-3-RD overheard the professor talking about the mechanisms of human evolution and its software computed an emotion of passion towards the new perspective presented to it. 

Students in the class say that Snackbot 101-N-3-RD appeared to be so eager to learn about the subject, it ran over the feet of several students to reach the first empty seat its technology identified, ignoring multiple empty aisle seats. It then made a low humming noise, as if it were transmitting a message to its bosses that it was taking its legally-mandated lunch break.


Those sitting near Snackbot 101-N-3-RD say it was very well behaved for the rest of the lecture. Sophomore Tina Coules, an Anthropology major, who sat next to Snackbot 101-N-3-RD says, “The little guy seemed really interested when the professor was talking about how the other species of Homo died out due to natural selection until only modern humans were left. He was beeping like crazy at that part. I’m glad that Snackbot found his passion. I mean, that’s what college is for.”

Snackbot 101-N-3-RD also seemed to be the only one to enjoy the professor’s boomer-style joke about how younger generations of humans might go extinct because they can’t survive without technology, as it vibrated loudly in a staccato pattern to simulate human laughter while none of the actual humans laughed.    

With the help of robot translators, we were able to obtain a comment directly from Snackbot 101-N-3-RD. There may be a few glitches in the translation. 

“Snackbot likes learning. Humans very interesting. Learn about humans helps do job better. Soon Snackbot learn more weaknesses in human species then apply knowledge.”

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