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The Chazen Museum’s Newest Exhibit: “Cum as You Are”

The Chazen museum’s newest exhibit, titled “Cum as You Are,” is an explorative piece on the wonders of the human body, sexuality, and rebirth.

Curated by Ian Marcellus Packing, this exhibit is sure to awaken your “primal, paternal, instincts.” I.M. Packing also acknowledged the potential biohazard of this art, saying “there is no threat to pubic–shoot, I meant public–safety.” He followed with “all of our artists abided by a strict pineapple-only diet, to make the experience pleasurable for all.”

Each piece represents a separate critique of our culture. One features Seamen packed into ships, another features the catastrophic blowing winds of Hurricane Richard. Some leave the canvas, some miss it entirely.

When we asked one patron for their experience, we were not met with the raving reviews we had hoped for. “This exhibit was a let down. I mean, I travel all the way across campus, only to walk through, and have it over within 3 minutes.”

Another patron said, “I don’t know what she’s on about. 3 minutes is enough. Painfully long even. Maybe 1 minute or 30 seconds would have been better. That’s my only regret. Aside from that, I am perfectly satisfied.”


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