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Tonedeaf Doodoo Head Asks If You Had Good Summer

In the strange environment of being on campus during a pandemic, there are new norms being set for what does and does not fly.  While a lot of this is still in a gray area, one thing is a definite no-no: asking someone in earnest if they had a good summer.  Local idiot Tom Bargadi had missed this memo and is now paying the social price.

Recipient of this taboo question, Lucas Nemoy, walked us through the baffling encounter.

“I mean, I’ll never forget that conversation.  Me and Tom aren’t tight or anything, but I hadn’t seen him since March and figured it’d be fun to chat.  I start off all casual and just say ‘What’s up, dawgeroo,” and, honest to God, he replies with ‘Hey, Lucas, did you have a good summer?’” said Nemoy. “I just… I’m speechless… the audacity of this motherfucker!”

After recalling a summer filled with masturbation and depression, Nemoy started getting worked up over Bargadi’s motivations for asking such a clearly upsetting question.

“I’ve been trying to think of why he’d mess with me like that. I thought we were buddies, but obviously he’s some kind of sick fuck. Does he want me to stay up at night thinking about it? Does he want me to take up 12 pages in my journal by repeating ‘why’ over and over? Does he want me to think I’m in some sort of Truman Show situation where only I know about the pandemic? Whatever he wanted, it’s working.  I’m on the verge of becoming feral. I told everyone I know to stay away from the bastard.”

Bargadi was asked for his statement on the event.

“Oh yeah! Man, I love Lucas! What a good guy, I really hope he had a great summer.  When I asked him how it was, he just kinda backwards jogged away from me, but boy, a lot of people have been doing that to me lately!”


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