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Watch out: this kooky girl is wearing a ‘Wisconsin Grandma’ shirt!

What?! This silly girl can’t be a GRANDMA! She HAS to be kidding… but that makes it so much QUIRKIER!!!

Talk about slaying a lewk! This girl, clearly a college student and (probably) not even a mother, is wearing a shirt that claims that her child HAS THEIR OWN CHILD! No WAY!

Normally a shirt like that is reserved for grandmas, but this girl doesn’t play by any rules but her own!

She’ll confuse all her friends at the next tailgate. They’ll say “Ruth, the only people related to you are your parents and your siblings!” Then, she’ll wink at them, and they’ll all laugh too! They’ve been caught up in Ruth’s jokes again, like the jester she is!

You’re not foolin’ anybody with your funny wardrobe choices! Get outta here you rascal!

What, do you audit classes? NOPE, you just bought a shirt that, given the point you are in life, people wouldn’t expect you to wear. THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY.

Watch out, SNL, you have a funny grandma comin’ in hot! I would PAY to see this girl on tv in that shirt just acting like the funny girl she is!

When this girl finally is a grandma, she better wear a shirt that says “Wisconsin College Student”, or I’m gonna be very disappointed.


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