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Yeah, Grandma Got a Dumpy... So Who’s Gonna Change Her?

Holy cow! Did grandma go full Kardashian or just change her medication? Everyone notices when she walks in, that absolute dump truck, the badonkadonk, her pressed hams. The smell is what tips you off that this isn't just another loaded diaper—this one's a blowout.

Oh geez, she did it again and Christmas is coming up. That means a whole lot of upset stomach and a whole lot of petrified Christmas guests. How can you figure out who changes grandma during these pressing times? I know the first instinct is to force grandpa to do it because he married her but let’s be real, those hands aren’t as steady as they used to be, and they BOTH know that. The person who should change grandma is the person who made the shittiest addition to the Christmas potluck. That person caused the floodgates to open and parted grandma’s mud flaps like the red sea. It’s only fair!


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