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10 Women of History That Would Have Low Snapscores

We give a lot of credit to women in our shared history, but honestly, a lot of them probably wouldn’t even have many followers. As such, I decided to knock ‘em down a few pegs and list 10 women from history that would probably have very few notifications.

1. Helen Keller - American Author

I just don’t think it would be her thing. She doesn’t seem the type to really hook up the angles on a nice picture. Also, I hate when girls send pictures of their face with no text. It comes off as a little self-absorbed, Helen.

2. Marie Antoinette - Former Queen of France

“So no head?”

She evidently did not have any cake. Any chick I’m snapping probably has cake, ergo I would not be snapping Ms. Antoinette. Next!

3. Virgin Mary - Religious Figure

Not doing herself any favors with that name. I’m friends with a guy on Snapchat called Fucker Dan. He fucks, and you can tell it’s true because it’s in his name. The same rules apply to Ms. Virgin over here. I rest my case.

4. Marie Curie - Physicist

Fuckin’ nerd!

5. Ada Lovelace - Mathematician

Ada Lovelace was, by some accounts, the first computer programmer ever. Wonderful! “Oh, I’m snapping this chick from my Comp Sci class.” Nope. No, you aren’t. Friends don’t let friends do that. The only woman in the computer science industry that gives me even the slightest sex appeal is Siri, and she calls me ‘daddy’ pretty regularly now.

6. Lena Dunham - American Actress

This list doesn’t have to be hypothetical.

7. Anne Frank - Holocaust-Era Diarist

She’s one of those chicks that only posts to her private story. Why so shy? Major turnoff, to me at least.

8. Jenny from Kappa Sigma - Bitch

It’s funny cause it’s true. You were nothing before Brandon, and you will be nothing after him. Have a good life!

9. Georgia O’Keeffe - Painter

It would be cool at first, but eventually, you would realize she’s been sending you paintings of flowers this whole time, which kinda makes you regret all the jacking off you did to them earlier.

10. Pocahontas - Powhatan Tribal Leader

She didn’t have wifi. Or a phone, for that matter. They weren’t invented yet. Duh.


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