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31 ways to ask for a beer this Mifflin

  1. “Beer please!”

  2. “Dear children, let us do our duty as followers of Christ and crack open a cold brewski with the boys.”

  3. “Who do I have to orally please to get a Natty Light around here?”

  4. “I know what’ll help my severe dehydration, more BEER!”

  5. “Fill my thrussy with that sweet barley water.”

  6. “Jared, get me A FUCKING BEER NOW PLEDGE.”

  7. “Give me a beer or you die tonight.”

  8. “Lemme lubricate my gullet with some manly ale!”

  9. “Zoink me some brown froth water, boy-o!”

  10. “My hands and belly are way too empty, lets get some BEER in there!”

  11. “Whose little baby hands are gonna give my little baby hands a big old baby beer.”

  12. “Chug a dug dug, that’s what I want to do to a can of beer.”

  13. *incoherent mumbling*

  14. “Could you be a doll and grab me some more spirits for my gullet?”

  15. “It’s beer o’clock in my world assholes!”

  16. “I wish to consume fermented yeast products.

  17. “Who’s got two thumbs and likes beer? Gimme a beer and I’ll tell ya.”

  18. “How many times do I have to say it? Give me your sweet fermented love please and thank you.”

  19. “Wanna let me Snap, Crackle, Pop open one of those bad girls?”

  20. “Okay, where can a little boy like me get some beer around here?”

  21. “I’m a naughty little ham and my snout smells beer.”

  22. “I don’t think I should have another beer.”

  23. “Why yes, i’ll have a barley water.”

  24. “I was told by Apple Care that I could get a beer here.”

  25. “Excuse me, the party does NOT start until that frothy beverage is placed deep within my body.”

  26. “Hey mr papa I want some good good wet beer in my mouth, please.”

  27. *snaps* “Garcon!”

  28. “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat BEER.”

  29. “Dude lemme just get one hit of that ol’ juul, then a swig of that sweet nectar.”

  30. “I came here to fuck, puke, and drink beer and I already fucked and puked.”

  31. “I came here to fuck, puke, and drink beer and I haven’t completed any yet so I’d really appreciate a beer.”


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