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5 Men to Remember for International Women’s History Month

With International Women’s Month coming to an end, it’s important to look back at some of the men that make this such a special time of year.

1. Daniel Read Anthony

You’ve probably never heard of Daniel Read Anthony, which just goes to show how important it is to remember him this month. You may recognize the last time if you know your women’s history. That’s right: he’s Susan B. Anthony’s little brother! Not only was he a suffragist, but he was also a man—talk about breaking gender roles! Anthony (the boy one) was a Civil War veteran, postmaster, mayor, and journalist. He also killed a man in a duel. A true feminist icon for the men!

2. George Washington

This one should be obvious. As the father of this country, Washington cannot get enough praise. It doesn’t matter that he was already celebrated a few weeks ago during President’s Day, it’s not enough. If you think about it, there wouldn’t be any women in the United States if it wasn’t for him. That means the Women’s Rights Movement never would have happened! If you just look past all his controversies, George Washington has an amazing legacy as a feminist.

3. Elon Musk

Tech daddy deserves praise all the time, but it’s important he’s not forgotten this month. Let’s not forget all the good he has done with Tesla—for example, selling cars to our professors. His boring company is revolutionizing traffic with underground single-lane tunnels. Remember when he built that submarine for the trapped soccer team when asked on Twitter? He may have thrown a little temper tantrum when he called one of the rescuers a pedophile, but that’s just guys being guys. The guy’s a real life Tony Stark, just a little more apartheid-y. How cool is that?

4. Ron Swanson

Yes, even fictional men deserve to be recognized this month. Who can forget in the second season when Ron won the Pawnee Chapter of the Indiana Organization of Women Dorothy Everton Smythe Woman of the Year award? That alone is enough for him to make a spot on the list. But then as a true ally for women, Ron ever-so-graciously bestows the award upon Leslie. Not to mention later on the series, he covered Andy’s tuition for his Women’s Studies course. After marrying Diane, Ron also babysits the kids. What a great dad going above and beyond!

5. Jesus Christ

You may be thinking: “Lent, which is all about Jesus, already covers most of March. Why celebrate Jesus for National Women’s History Month?” Just remember that in 2027, Lent ends 3 days before the end of March. Are we supposed to just forget about Jesus? Of course not! That’s why it’s important to honor him every National Women’s History Month. Let us not forget that Jesus also believed that women shouldn’t be killed for sex work. A true feminist for the ages!


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