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Annoying Girl in Class Asking Rhetorical Questions is Apparently the Teacher?

With classes resuming once again, Sophomore Hugh Buckley was excited to begin the latest semester. However, his plans of academic achievement were sidelined by an unhelpful peer.

The interaction occurred in Clap for Credit 646. Buckley claims he was attempting to focus on the lecture when he was distracted by a “nerd at the front of the class”.

“She kept asking questions to the class while we were all trying to take notes, every time a new slide would pop up she would ask more questions. Like I get not knowing what’s going on, especially after a Monday night rager, but come on, people are trying to take notes” said Buckley.

The nerd in question was tenured professor Dr. Miriam Mifflin, PhD in percussive social validation. She has been working at the University in the Humanities department for the past 33 years.

When informed about the nerd’s identity, Buckley claimed he could “tell the difference between a teacher and a student” and that one of his brothers from the Beta Beta Beta fraternity was in class with him, and could corroborate his story.

Buckley’s friend, 7th year senior Louis Throck, said “Oh she was totally the teacher. Hugh had the WikiHow on proper clapping technique pulled up on his computer and he seemed really into it so he wasn’t really looking at the class. Still, I figured he was just jokingly complaining and calling the Prof. a student, like… how do you get into college if you can’t tell the difference, right?”


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