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Bad throw followed by worse catch

At roughly lunchtime this past Saturday, eleven year old Billy Eckers made what some are calling his worst throw of the year. But in a shocking development shortly after, his younger brother Evan Eckers, 7, made an even worse catch.

“Don’t get me wrong, the throw was garbage” said Chris Eckers, the father of the two boys. “It was way too high and not even close to being straight. It was like he was aiming for the sun or something. But that catch, fucking hell that catch…”

Following what some have deemed “a throw so bad it should embarrass God”, Evan Eckers then dove for the ball in a “horrific attempt” to conjure up “anything remotely close to athletic” according to his mother Shannon.

“You know normally I’d be supportive of anything my kids wanted to do, but this whole sports thing is definitely not working out. I honestly wish they’d take up knitting or something. Sure they’d be complete sissies, but at least I wouldn’t have to look at failure all day.”

The boys next game of catch is scheduled for next Wednesday. Extended relatives have been invited who the boy’s parents say, “aren’t going to believe this shit”.


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