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Bored student using phone in class can’t wait to leave and use phone at home

While browsing through instagram and facebook during Tuesday’s chemistry lecture, sophomore Jessica Browen counted down the minutes until she could go home and continue browsing through instagram and facebook from the comfort of her living room couch.

“Going to class is just so boring” said Browen, “I’d much rather be bored and uninterested at home, at least there I don’t have to watch facebook videos with headphones on.”

Barely being able to power through the fifty five minute lecture, Browen distracted herself from the ramblings of her professor by reading a Buzzfeed article ranking the best times celebrities “won the internet”. After the intensely boring lecture had finished, Browen was relieved to finally be able to go home and bore herself on her own time.

“It’s just kind of frustrating to have to waste my time in a lecture that doesn’t even apply to my major” said Browen, “I hate that I can’t stay home and waste my time there”.

Despite Browen’s frustrations, she says she’s even more frustrated with people who don’t go to class at all.

“I can’t stand people who skip class. It’s like, don’t you know you’re gonna feel guilty about it later? I say you might as well just go and look through tinder or something the whole time, at least then you get to feel good knowing that you could’ve learned something.”

Due to all the stress of zoning out in class and ignoring the assignments that go along with it, Browen said she’s already looking forward to summer vacation so she can scroll through youtube videos without having to feel guilty about ignoring her responsibilities.

“Summer is going to be so great; I have so many things planned,” said Browen, “I’m not actually going to do any of them, but I like to make the plans now, that way I have until then to make up an excuse to not do them . I’ll probably just catch up on shows on Netflix or something. Maybe I’ll start making some new plans for the future, but I’ll probably wait for next fall for that, I just feel so much more productive during the school year.”


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