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Breaking: Honor Society Deadline Tomorrow!

Welcome! You are invited to join the National Honors Society Foundation! We have chosen you from an exclusive list of emails we bought from your college – excuse me, I mean we have chosen you from an exclusive list of talented students within the top 10% of their university.

Accepting this invitation means you are connecting yourself with like-minded individuals who also fell for our scam because we boosted your ego. For a small fee of only $90* you will receive full benefits that the National Honors Society Foundation offers to people such as yourself. You can connect with other students and employers (not guaranteed), or put us on your resume and pretend we are your school’s actual Honors program.

The Honors Society is a nonprofit organization** who does not believe in reselling your personal information or sending more emails than necessary***. Click here to remove yourself from our list if you are not interested in having a successful life.

To learn more, activate your premium National Honors Society Foundation membership for the low, low cost of $90 and your dignity, and unlock your true potential!

* $90 recurring monthly fee to keep your membership active

** We are a for-profit organization, hence the membership fee

*** It is impossible to be removed from our email list


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