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Business school freshman adds dad on LinkedIn

If you were impressed when Chase Collins was directly admitted to the Wisconsin School of Business at the ripe age of 18, you’ll be excited to hear the young entrepreneur's next move on his path to greatness.

“Starting a LinkedIn is a major key to getting what you want. It’s all about networking with the right people,” said Chase of his recent app download.

Setting his title on the app to “Captain of Industry,” Chase began to attract the business connection of one very influential man: his father, Mr. J.D. Collins.

“I always knew he would be a trailblazer, just like his father,” Collins said of his son’s grandeur. J.D. ran a local haberdashery for 20 years before going bankrupt after the realization that no one wants to shop at a haberdashery. But it is this failure that sets the family on a track to immense success.

“I want Chase to be the next big thing, a millionaire,” said Collins. “That’s why we never made him take up a job in high school, so he could focus on his future, and so he won’t be working his way through college at all. No internships either. The LinkedIn connections alone should be enough to land the boy a lucrative career.”

Chase is extremely grateful that he has been given this free time to focus on expanding his connections on LinkedIn. As for the work experience listed on his profile, Chase has settled on “Soundcloud rapper: 2017-present.”


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