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Chad Mistakes Small Talk as Invitation to Vagina

On the evening of December 4th, Chad Waters sat in his dorm study hall, peacefully minding his own business. Waters claims to have been trying to do homework but was distracted by the way his triceps complimented his figure. Waters then became even further distanced from his work, noticing a human of the female gender had entered the study hall. Brenda Daniels had entered, making it known she was available for seduction. Suddenly, Waters found himself overwhelmed with desire. 

“Now I was distracted by the way her glutes complimented her ass,” said Waters.  

He began to flex his muscles a little harder every time he drank from his blender bottle. After many different signals, Daniels let out a few of her own. 

“It’s so crazy how fast it gets dark,” said Daniels.  

Waters was absolutely flabbergasted. He knew he had a way with the ladies but a response of that intensity made Waters feel overtaken with emotion. 

“Dude, I have no idea how I do it. This girl is crazy. She’s is a freak. My ex wouldn’t say shit like that to me until we’d been dating for six months. You don’t break out dialogue like that unless you want Chad Waters to make sweet love to you.” 

To continue the growing sexual tension, Waters attempted to smolder in her direction as much as possible. After several minutes, out of nowhere, Daniels spoke yet again.

“You good?” 

Waters could barely contain his excitement, ripping off his shirt and tossing aside his snapback hat. 

“Yeah, so I guess I must’ve misread some signals she was giving off. That’s the problem today. Nobody knows about who wants what. I really truly feel like the victim here. It’s really not fair that I was the only one who got written up. Crazy time we live in,” said Waters. 

We then got the opportunity to talk to Brenda after the events unfolded. 

“Yeah, that was really weird. To be honest, I wasn’t even talking to him. I had airpods in.”


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