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Departure of Marching Band Director Leaves Behind Deadly Power Vacuum

After serving for 50 years UW Marching Band director Mike Leckrone had his last home game. His departure has left behind what many see as a hole in the program, especially current drum majors.

Sources say that following the Wisconsin-Minnesota game, drum majors began building factions of supporters to legitimize their claim to power over the UW Marching band. When said drum majors heard of the existence of rival factions, violence ensued.

It's being reported that tuba players are being forced to use their own instruments as armor in the bloodbath. One band member fashioned her flute into a shiv before being knocked unconscious by a drummer slamming a drum over her head.

It is unknown when the battle will end, but UW officials are expressing hope that the factions will enter a ceasefire at Wisconsin's next football game.


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