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Embarrassing! Student’s Laptop Clearly a Gaming PC

Felix Walker, a Comp Sci major, embarrassed himself today after showing up to lecture with a laptop that he clearly bought primarily for gaming.

Walker’s laptop is reported to have a completely black body with an alien logo on the back. His keyboard glows red underneath and has white WASD keys which stand out amongst the other undistinguished keys.

“It has amazing processing power,” said Walker to the person sitting on his left, looking more and more like a social outcast with every word. “It runs programs with no lag-time.”

As Walker’s lanky, pale fingers hit the keyboard, onlookers could hear the loud clicking of keys indicative of gaming laptops. The mouse he insisted on using is reported to have extra buttons on the sides, as well as matched the black and red aesthetic of his PC.

“This thing is an absolute life-saver,” said Walker, cracking open a Mountain Dew Game Fuel in public, a place where a Mountain Dew Game Fuel has no place being. Walker was reported to have closed out a tab which revealed a copy of “League of Legends” on his desktop as he left lecture.


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