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Following Success Of Land Acknowledgement, UW to Start Offering Class in Performative Activism

Those looking to pursue a degree in theatre and drama have an exciting opportunity to participate in a brand new course coming to campus this spring… Performance Activism 102.

Designed to mirror the success of the UW Land Acknowledgement, this seminar-based class gives students the skills and confidence to get away with extreme atrocities and experience little to no consequence.

“Performance Activism 102 is a very exciting opportunity for those who want to look ethically redeemable without having to actually give a shit,” said course designer, Brad Davis. “This can help reduce feelings of guilt in any situation. Perhaps you spill Kool-Aid on someone's nice carpet, or you miss an important meeting, or you violently steal land that isn’t yours and refuse to acknowledge it until enough people find out. This class will help you build the skills to get yourself out of receiving blame for those situations.”

When asked about requirements for the class Davis simply said, “Nope! No textbook either, not because we don’t want you learning about what actually happened or anything, but because this class will teach you that in order to merely pretend to care, you should not try to learn more about it.”


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