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Freshman Relieved to Find Nobody Else in Discussion Dressed as Optimus Prime

Freshman Jacob Bryscki felt a wave of tranquility envelop him Thursday, as his Journalism 201 discussion contained no other students who dressed up in an intricate Optimus Prime costume from the ‘Transformers’ TV show and movie franchise.

“As we near Halloween, I always worry that students will do the same costume as me when discussing media ethics at 4:30 in the afternoon,” remarked Bryscki while plugging his costume into a wall outlet to preserve its intricate light and sound set-up. “Luckily, my fellow classmates had other ideas, which was awesome for me.”

“To say I was weirded out would be an understatement,” said Ray Parker, a fellow student in Mr. Bryscki’s 201 discussion. “What was weirder was that I think he thinks other people were also dressed up. He looked at me and said ‘Hippie! Nice.’ I just wear tie dye and chacos, dude, calm down.”

At last report, Mr. Bryscki was planning on elaborating on his costume for Freakfest, adding stilts to the mechanical costume to make him 15 feet tall, allowing Lil Yachty to see him clearly from the stage.


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