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Girl Posts "Small Business Saturday” on Instagram While Walking Into Urban Outfitters

Last Saturday, Sophomore Klarissa Thompson posted a boomerang on her Instagram story of her and some friends sipping matcha teas. The story was captioned “Small Business Saturday!” as the teas appeared to be from Fair Trade, a local coffee shop on State Street.

However, things took a dark turn just shortly afterward, as multiple witnesses reported seeing Thompson walk into the nearby Urban Outfitters location seconds after the post went up.

“I didn’t see the post right away,” commented one of Thompson’s followers, “but like right when I saw it I passed Klarissa outside the Hub and she was holding like twelve bags from Urban.”

When asked to comment, Thompson said, “I am not talking to you, but if I did have anything to say maybe it would be that Urban Outfitter bags are, like, reusable, or whatever. And also I thrift like all the time. But again, no comment.”

Small business owners in the area are shocked and upset. Fair Trade Coffee Shop owner Neil Michaelson informed our reporters that Thompson and her friends did in fact come into the shop that morning, but only to ask for three empty cups with the Fair Trade logo.

“The girls grabbed the cups and went to the corner of the shop, where they poured tea from Colectivo cups into the Fair Trade ones. I didn’t ask why they were doing this; I’ve learned not to talk to teenage girls. I’ve been hurt before,” Michaelson said.

Thompson’s friends featured in the Instagram story were unavailable to comment, but reports show that they both unfollowed Thompson on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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