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Girl Watches Streak Count Go Up, Realizes Own Mortality

After watching her streak count go up by one day, Suzie Johnson realized that one day she would, like, die.

“It was like, I snapped all my streaks one morning, and the numbers ticked up, and I realized that it will just go up again tomorrow, and then again the next day, and then one of those days I’m going to die,” said Suzie, staring wide-eyed off into the distance. “I wanted that number to keep going up forever, but what about when forever ends?”

After realizing her own mortality, Suzie cannot help but continue to keep up with her streaks.

“I can’t stop, but the existential dread just increases as the numbers increase,” said Suzie.

As Suzie’s streak counts continue to go up, she continues to wonder which of those days will be her last.


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