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How to Flush Out Your Wussy (Wisdom Teeth Holes)

A lot of you pussies haven’t taken the plunge and gotten those evolutionarily needless bones (so-called “wisdom teeth”) out of the back of your jaw yet. But don’t worry, once you do, this is the only guide you’ll need to flush out the gaping wussy left in their place.

Ensure it’s clean

The point of using an inch-long syringe back there is to flush it—flush it real good. The gold standard is “the cleanest wussy that you ever did see.” The more chunks that drool past your lips, the better. I’m not judging you for what’s back there, be it popcorn, nuts, or raisins (kinky!). The point is that you make the most of a nice salt water rinse.

Ask someone else to take a look

A second opinion never hurts. Another pair of eyes can see way up your wussy far better than you can in a mirror. And be up front: no one’s ever said "no" to me when I asked, “Hey, can you take a look inside my wussy? Yeah, way back there.”

Make it feel good

This is the epitome of self care. Get your water to the right temperature and find the perfect ratio of iodized salt. Feeling really mellow? It’s the rinse relaxing you, not those painkillers.


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