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"I Just Pulled Off the Most Devious Lick," say Student After He Licks Chancellor Blank's Ankles

Unfortunately, every public school and university in the United States has fallen victim to the new Tiktok trend of committing “devious licks.” However, none have been so daring as the one committed on Friday, September 24 at 1:09 pm by Harry Leygs.

“Tiktok is like really fucking inspiring to me,” commented Harry Leygs. “I’m like somewhat of an internet micro-celebrity. Most of my tik toks are those one’s where you get good luck if you like it or share it or whatever, but your bed is full of spiders if you ignore it. I would say that it just feels good to bring good luck to people’s lives, bruh. But I also totally hop on all the trends.” Said Leygs.

After about 20 minutes of watching Leygs attempt to renegade, he told reporters about how exactly he was able to be so devious in his licking.

“I snuck into the office space during like office hours and got under her desk. Then it was like I don’t know, man like some amount of time and then she was there dude. I had been licking my lips in like the most devious way. Then, before I knew it, I was just licking her ankles man. It was crazy. I licked 'em for like 20 seconds, deadass!” said Leygs.

At this point there was only one question left to ask. What did the ankles taste like?

“Bro like I can’t even describe it, one was like the sushi from Flamingo Run. The other one was lik-” Unfortunately, that was all we got before campus police forcibly took Leygs to his public execution. Nevertheless, Harry Leygs will forever live on in our hearts as a man devious enough to commit the licks that others weren’t.

At this time, Chancellor Blank has declined to comment.


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