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“I’m Going to Steal Your Teeth” and 7 Other Cute One-Liners to Woo Your Crush

COVID has taken a toll on all of our dating lives. But as our nation gradually gives up on social distancing, here are 10 lines to get your crush all horned up!

1. “I’m going to steal your teeth.”

Let them know that you’re looking at their cute smile! This line is sure to land you a kiss on those pearly whites.

2. “Can I please have your social security number?”

Commitment alert! Let her know you’re not afraid to settle down and commit fraud. This one is sure to get her thinking, “Is he trying to steal my identity or just my heart?”

3. “Damn, can I borrow that ass ?”

Looking to spice things up a bit? Get him thinking he’s hot stuff by asking to remove and use a part of his body as your own. If you’re looking to get frisky, this threat of bodily mutilation is sure to get him going.

4. “Let me hop on that skeleton, baby.”

Woah! Ready to turn up the heat? Get her excited with the prospect of some hot bone on bone action. You’ll also be giving her the complement all girls dream of hearing: that her bone structure is on point.

5. “What are your thoughts on Hellen Keller?”

If you want them to think you’re a real intellectual, question the validity of the late Helen Keller. 9/11 and JFK conspiracies are hot enough already, but this question will really throw them a curveball!

6. “Hey baby, you want a new blood type?”

A medical miracle and a sweet gift all in one? This line will leave her feeling desired and give her newfound confidence about her AB+ blood type, the one thing she doesn’t love about herself!

7. “You’ve got some robust bone marrow, don’t you?”

He wants to feel strong, confident and sexy! Let that special guy know that his bone marrow is hunky and irresistible. Muscles are overrated, trust me, in 2020 it’s all about that sweet, sweet marrow.

8. “Are you okay? You really don’t seem like you’re okay…”

Let’s face it, no one is okay right now. Cut the bullshit and just start sharing your trauma, already.


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