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Improv Show Brings in Biggest Audience Yet: 4 People

Barely known across campus for their subpar punchlines, predictable gimmicks, and unbearable self-promotion, Glacier Improv hosted yet another improv show last weekend.

Advertisements featured new members this semester and their self-proclaimed famous wit, with the group idiotically expecting a huge turnout. They rented out the big auditorium in Memorial Union and practiced for 3 hours every day the week before. As for turnout, they weren’t exactly wrong.

“Usually turnout for our shows is, like, David’s mom and sometimes my roommate Chris. Generally we’re lucky if we get 2 or 3 audience members,” said Jordan Wheeler, Head Jokemaster of Glacier Improv. “We always put on a great show though!”

However, this past Saturday Glacier’s audience skyrocketed; a record-setting 4 people turned up in time for the show.

David’s mother was in attendance along with Jordan’s roommate Chris. A freshman looking to “break into the comedy scene” also appeared, along with a very confused UW junior.

“I definitely showed up to the wrong event,” said Alexis Turner, the junior in question. “I was supposed to be going to a speaker for class but I think the room must have been changed. What I just saw, that – that is not something I would willingly put myself through.”

When told about Alexis’ review of the show, Jordan was elated.

“All I’m saying is, if it was really that bad, she would have left. But who cares, we broke our record!” Jordan said. “Next time, we’re aiming for 5.”


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