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Inspiring: Professor Says “Google Is Free” in Response to Questions

Over the course of their careers, many professors have become exhausted by students’ constant influx of questions during lecture time. Despite being unable to comprehend how a scattered introductory course can be difficult for students, these instructors have fortunately gone the extra mile to try to help students understand.

After a day of course review and inconvenient questions, brave professor Dr. Anita Schitt put her foot down and told a question-asking pupil, “Google is free.” The asker, Michael Hawk, claimed that Dr. Schitt’s answer inspired a positive change in his life. Despite not attending lectures anymore, Hawk is still achieving 100% scores on every exam and quiz that may come his way. Furthermore, his essays look like something straight out of a peer-reviewed article. Astonishingly, seems to think so too.

After the success of this experiment, instructors have become inclined to perform it more. It makes life easier for everyone—what could go wrong? In the eyes of Mr. Hawk, nothing.


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