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Inspiring: This woman is vomiting on Mayor Soglin until she can vomit on the floor of Taco Bell

After Madison Mayor Paul Soglin refused to give State Street’s Taco Bell Cantina a liquor license, he’s faced harsh criticism from students. The most poignant critic is UW Junior Amanda Schaefer, who has pledged to vomit on Soglin until he grants Taco Bell a liquor license, allowing her to more easily vomit on the Taco Bell floor.

According to Sloglin’s office, the biggest problem now press conferences, where reporters can’t be heard over Schaefer's vomiting. The only legible quotes from a press conference today were published by The Daily Cardinal:

“Ughhgueyurhvhhahhhhhhh,” Schaefer said.

“Hey, I mean, come on,” Soglin said.

Schaefer’s protest is entering its third day. Normally, Schaefer would run out of stomach contents and have to stop puking, but supportive students are offering her a constant influx of Natty and QQs.


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