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Local Beloved Mascot Revealed to be a Power Bottom By Furry Insider

An anonymous member of the Official Furry Club at UW-Madison contacted the Misnomer last week claiming to have had a sexual experience with a local beloved mascot whose name we are withholding for security reasons.

The informant shared many explicit details about the encounter, including how adamant the mascot was about being the bottom.

The informant was quoted saying, “At one point I was getting tired, so I asked if we could trade places. He refused quite rudely, and then proceeded to burrow into my ass, like a badger breaking ground on a wintry Wisconsin morning.”

However, this was not the only strange aspect of this encounter. Apparently, the mascot wanted to be called Jack Coan and would only respond when addressed as such. He also would let out a soft moan whenever called the desired name.

Perhaps the most curious thing about the encounter was what happened after the intercourse.

“Right after he finished, he immediately got up and started to jump around as if to some unseen beat. I’ve seen some weird shit, I mean, I’m a furry for God’s sake, but that’s some weird shit,” said the informant.

We implore any of our readers who have had similar experiences to report them to us for follow up stories.


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