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Local man with huge bike tires must be compensating for something

Dylan Duhey was described by bystanders to be “overcompensating” for something during a commute down the Lakeshore path last Thursday.

Duhey was seen on what is called a “fat tire” bike around 6 pm last Thursday. As fat tire bikes are designed for snowy conditions or rides on rough terrain, his ride down the flat Lakeshore bike path raised questions for locals using the path at the same time.

“Woah nice tires, asshole,” said path-user Deanna Williams. “You know making your tires bigger doesn’t have the same effect on your package.”

While other members of the Madison community have been seen using these bikes during the summer and fall, Duhey is known for other methods of overcompensation as well. He has been spotted in full biking spandex during his two mile commute to work.

“He says the tires are for snow, but he put them on in August?” says Duhey’s co worker Brian McGreggor. “Whatever, the guys going through a breakup and I’m sure he’s just feeling a little self conscious.”

While many say the tires are “impractical” and are being used to offset some personal embarrassment, Duhey has rebuffed these statements.

“Sure they’re not always practical but who says everything has to be practical? Can’t a guy just treat himself to some sick new tires?” said Duhey, while pulling a wheelie on the Shorewood Hills bike path.


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