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Long distance relationship in final moments of happiness

In late August, Amanda Wallace and Bruce Pratt reportedly promised to talk every day when they left for their freshman year at different universities. As the first weekend of college comes around, their time with each other is being cut short by making new, cooler friends.

Their Skype call on Friday was interrupted by Pratt’s neighbors inviting him to drink with some floormates before going to the football game.

“I gotta go, Amanda. I’ll text you tonight!” said Pratt, who would ultimately be too engrossed in his new environment to give his girlfriend a second thought until the next morning.

“It’s already been a week, this long distance thing is easy!” said Wallace, who clearly hasn’t had the time to process Pratt’s absence.

The night ended with Wallace sending a selfie to Pratt saying ‘love u’, approximately two weeks before Wallace would be asking Pratt about the girl on his Instagram story.


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