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Lucky freshman gets into 0 Acapella groups

Although freshman David Farber auditioned for a three Acapella groups, he was absolutely delighted to hear from each that he was not invited to callbacks.

“Whew, really dodged a bullet there,” said Farber. “My entire college career could have revolved around singing covers of 2000s glam pop.”

Leadership from each group that rejected him expressed their happiness for Farber on Monday night.

“It’s nice to stop someone from making the same mistakes I made,” said Andrew Lofton of Fundamentally Sound.

“He’s gonna do great things. I wish I could’ve had the chance of not doing Acapella during college, but that’s the way the world goes,” said Mike Rapt of Under A Rest.

“I got into Acapella to make people happy,” said Reed Fuller of The Mad Hatters. “Nothing can compare to the feeling of happiness someone gets when they learn they won’t be in an Acapella group. Good luck out there, kid!”


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