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Math Major Jealous of All the Action Computer Science Guys Get

Gary Fischer, 20, is a third-year math major at UW-Madison and isn’t exactly killing it in the dating department.

“Life is tough out here for math majors,” says Fischer. “Girls never give us the light of day. It’s those charismatic computer science majors that are really making it hard for us to compete in the dating scene.”

Fischer claims that math majors get less attention and dates than computer science majors. But after researching, we at the Misnomer haven't found that math majors get any attention or dates at all.

“It’s like girls don’t even want to talk to guys with protractors in their shirt pockets,” Fischer continues. “It’s sad. When I see those CS guys wearing their hoodies and sweatpants I just sigh. Their ‘Talk QWERTY to Me’ t-shirts get all the ladies going. I know I’ll never be as cool as them.”

According to Fischer, it’s not due to a lack of trying. “There is this one girl in my Math 340 section that I’ve been trying to get the attention of. The other week I started putting my pencil above my ear when I’m not using it like those really hot studious people do, ya know? Well, it didn’t work. Jenny keeps looking at Darius, the computer science guy just taking this class as a requirement. He’s such a bad boy slacker he doesn’t even know the difference between a vector space and a subspace. He’s so cool.”

While Fischer may be down in the dumps now, he’s hopeful that eventually other students will be able to get past their major.

“I just hope one day that people can get past the stereotype that math majors aren’t cool. I know we may never be as cool as computer science guys, but at least a little respect would be nice.”


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