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New UW Credit Union Logo Fails to Live Up to Three-Email-Hype

On Tuesday, the UW Credit Union unveiled their new logo to thousands of disappointed UW-Madison students. UWCU sent at least 3 campus wide emails to get the word out, which created a high expectation that the logo would ultimately not meet.

“When I saw an email from them that wasn’t a low balance notification, naturally I got excited,” said Sophomore Jeff Ricker. “The second email got me convinced this was going to be big. When the third email finally showed the new logo is a droplet of blood, I guess? Underwhelming, to say the least.”

“If you’re going to send me three emails about something, it better be fucking sweet,” said Junior Trish Marks. “I’m talking Ian’s Pizza coupons, graduation reminders, new apartments for rent. It’s a shame that UWCU used a medium as powerful as wiscmail to push their agenda.”

UWCU spokespeople say they are going to learn from this mistake and have Clare from Abodo teach them how to use Wiscmail responsibly.


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